Watch: 'Angry' Fazlur Rehman abruptly leaves PDM presser

Watch: ‘Angry’ Fazlur Rehman abruptly leaves PDM presser

ISLAMABAD: To many people’s surprise, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) on Tuesday announced that it will be delaying its long march against the PTI government.

The decision to postpone the long march was taken after the PPP refused to agree with the other parties to resign from the assemblies.

The internal divisions became more evident after the PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman abruptly left the press conference held by the leaders after the PDM moot in Islamabad.

After the meeting ended, PDM chief Fazl had come to address the media and announce the decisions but at the end the JUI-F leader did not stay back for questions and abruptly left.

As Fazl left the press conference, PML-N’s vice-president Maryam Nawaz called out to him, requesting him to take some questions, but he did not listen and left.

Later, in a conversation with Geo News, the PDM chief said that he never wanted to attend the press conference.

“I did not want to come to the press conference,” Fazlur Rahman said later, adding that other PDM members had insisted that he address the press briefing.

“I made the announcement and left. What else could I have said?” Fazl questioned.

He also lashed out at his ally PPP saying that the “attitude of the PPP during the PDM meeting was undemocratic.”

Fazl said that nine of the parties in the meeting were in favour of submitting resignations to the parliament, but the PPP was against it.

“The PPP has asked for some time to deliberate upon the decision, so the PDM will wait for a reply,” Fazl said.

The PDM had earlier planned a long march to oust the PTI-led government on March 26.

But since the PPP has shown hesitation regarding the submission of resignations to the parliament and has asked for time, the march has been postponed. 

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