Search operation against dacoit gangs continues in South Punjab, Sindh

Search operation against dacoit gangs continues in South Punjab, Sindh

Rajanpur police on Saturday said that a search operation for the recovery of two policemen kidnapped from South Punjab’s kaccha area by a gang of dacoits is underway for the fourth day.

The Laadi gang, who has the abductees, has demanded the release of their comrades in exchange for the release of the officers, said police.

Two abducted policemen, Irfan Manzoor and Arshad, were stationed at a police post near the kaccha area, from where they were abducted three days ago.

As per the details from the political administration, 15 suspects were also arrested in the past day. 

The front and temporary shelters of the Laadi gang have been burnt down during the operation, after which gang members have gone into hiding, the administration added.

Shikarpur operation  enters the seventh day

On the other hand,  Director-General (DG) Larkana Mazhar Nawaz Sheikh said that an operation against dacoits in Shikarpur, Sindh continues for the seventh day in Garhi Tegho.

He added: “About 300 more police personnel, including 200 commandos from Karachi, have joined the operation. A house-to-house search is also being carried out in kaccha areas.”

The official noted that an exchange of fire took place between dacoits and police personnel during the operation. Two dacoits of the Belo Teghani gang were injured in police firing, he added.

Meanwhile, police check-posts are being set up around kaccha areas. Nine out of 12 abductees who were kidnapped from this area have been recovered so far.

According to police, two policemen and a photographer have been martyred and six policemen injured during an attack by the dacoits. Meanwhile, eight dacoits have been killed and 12 injured in the operation.

No compromise on law

Speaking about the operation on Geo News program ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath‘ last night, Sindh’s Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the law and order situation is largely under control in the affected areas.

He said that the morale of the police is high and the law enforcers have been given full support.

The minister made it clear that there will be no compromise on law and order.

Stressing that”Operation will be on a permanent basis in kaccha areas”, the provincial minister said that the government will bring the oppressors to justice.

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