Palestinian ambassador grateful to Pakistan for supporting cause of freedom

Palestinian ambassador grateful to Pakistan for supporting cause of freedom

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Palestine in Pakistan Ahmed Rabei on Sunday expressed gratitude on behalf of Palestinians for Pakistan’s “courageous efforts to support our cause for a free and independent State of Palestine”.

The ambassador also conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the remarkable efforts of Pakistan to condemn Israeli atrocities carried out against unarmed Palestinians while urging the international community to take concrete and immediate steps for the resolution of the Palestine issue.

“Your efforts are greatly appreciated for speaking up and pushing for an emergency session of the OIC meeting and the UN General Assembly to hold ceasefire, de-escalation and an end to atrocities,” a press release of the Palestinian embassy quoted the ambassador as saying.

“Pakistan played an important role in […] steering the discussion and building a consensus.

“This historical act will be remembered, not only by the Palestinians, but the entire world, and it will be a history to remember for generations,” read the statement.

He said that they would not forget the observance of May 21 as Palestinian solidarity day across Pakistan which was declared by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the decision of the parliament passing a unanimous resolution, condemning Israel’s systematic oppression of the people of Palestine and demanding the UN probe the human rights violations.

The ambassador further said he is extremely grateful to all the people of Pakistan for their unwavering support to the Palestinians and the message of unity which strengthened and encouraged their spirits and gave a boost to the morale of the beleaguered Palestinians.

“Although the war on Gaza ended but our struggle to get our freedom continues. InshaAllah by working with our Pakistani brothers side by side we will free Palestine and we will all pray together in Al-Aqsa Mosque in Al-Quds Al-Shareef, the capital of Palestine,” Rabei said.

Pakistan will continue its steadfast support

In response to the letter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Pakistan will “continue to steadfastly support the brotherly people of Palestine till they get their legitimate rights”.

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