Broadsheet commission completes its investigation

Broadsheet commission completes its investigation

Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed. File photo

The Broadsheet commission has completed its inquiry report into the case. The report is expected to be submitted to the federal government this week.

It was prepared by the commission under the leadership of Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed Sheikh.

UK-based asset recovery firm Broadsheet LLC had been hired in 2000 by General (retd) Pervez Musharraf’s government to help recover assets stashed by past Pakistani rulers abroad.

Sources said statements and documents of several people have been attached to the 100-page report separately.

The commission was set up on January 29 this year to probe the Broadsheet case. It had formally launched its investigation on February 9, 2021, while the Opposition had refused to accept the commission headed by Justice (retd) Saeed.

Sources said the report said a payment of Rs1.5 million to Broadsheet is missing from the records.

Broadsheet company was wrongly paid Rs1.5 million, the report said, adding that wrong payment is counted as fraud with the state of Pakistan.

Payment alone cannot be termed as negligence, the Broadsheet commission report said. It added that files were stolen from the ministries of finance and law and the attorney-general’s office.

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