Bringing the '90s back: Pakistani man's catchy rap song wins hearts

Bringing the ’90s back: Pakistani man’s catchy rap song wins hearts

KARACHI: A Pakistani man, in the true spirit of bringing the 1990s back, has shared his catchy rap song that has won over the hearts of many on the Internet.

The freestyle rap brings back cherished memories from the ’90s era as the mystery man reminisces about melodies, late pop rock singer Junaid Jamshed, and games that kids used to play when times were simpler.

Wearing a simple kurta — with a scarf around his neck — and sporting a thick mustache, the man talks about how everyday life in the ’90s used to be like, especially the news bulletin at 9pm every night, when food cooked by mothers was preferred to those from cafes and restaurants, respecting relationships, and outdoor games such as ‘pakram pakrayi’ — or tag and ‘baraf paani’.

The Pakistani man’s rap also mentions that era when children used to go to bed early, around 10pm, in an era when computers were relatively rare, phones had keypads and not touchscreens, and social media didn’t exist.

Catch the mystery rapper’s talent here:

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